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Just for fun

I’ve been studying Creative Writing this term. Final exam -  poetry. Poetry= alien. Anyway, this is my haiku:)


Designers troll print.

High-heels stuck in fairy ring.

Gnomes drunk on Latte.

Cover in the making

I’m making a cover for the Kisenja comic and I’ve just finished re-writing Episode 1-9. I’m planning on sending Kisenja to “Image comics”. If anyone else knows of any medium-sized comic publisher, please let me know!


Woke up late today, slept like a baby and dreamt of Egyptian architecture and giant rivers, no wonder I didn’t feel like waking up. Went swimming, for the first time since Christmas, my lungs have seen better days, good thing endorphins take over your brain after training, otherwise I’d probably be lacy like Garfield. Had [...]

Sheep costume

Got the worst hangover today, still I’m happy as a clam! I’ve been away for some time, scratching my beard, and decided that I’m gonna remake episode 1-9 of the Kisenja comic. This last year I’ve learned a lot, all thanks to you! Taking your critique into consideration I’ve started to rewrite the first episodes, [...]


Yesterday I felt really pissed off, by the media, by the propaganda. Whatever I read I’m always suspicious and curious about what the true purpose is. I’m not even sure about this wikileaks deal, if it’s made out of true compassion for the freedom of speech or if it’s just another “allowed loophole”. But I’m [...]

There and back again.

I had a great weekend in London.  This is what happened in short terms. Friday: We were asked to say some lines for a documentary about the rebuilding of the Whitechapel station. Met up with Helena. Christofer orderd a pitcher of mojito. Saturday: Ate some yoghurt. Went to “ Forbidden planet” and checked out some [...]